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Delve into the mind and heart of a little girl who lived in two worlds. From India to America - a great memoir.

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Get a flavor of Margaret's experiences as a child in India, and her adjustments to a new life in the USA.

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About the Author

Margaret H. Essebaggers Dopirak is the daughter of missionaries and was brought up and schooled in India. She received her early education at Highclerc, a boarding school for children of missionaries, situated in Kodaikanal, South India. Subsequently, in the United States, she completed three years of nurses’ training at Illinois Masonic Hospital, Chicago, and attended Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois, where she earned a BS in Nursing. She later received a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Connecticut School of Community Health, Farmington, CT.

Being born and raised in India, Margaret realized early on that her childhood experience of growing up in a foreign country was very different from that of her contemporaries in America. Over the years, she was frequently reminded, through the curiosity and interest of strangers and friends, as well as family, that she might, indeed, have a unique story to tell. So, after a rewarding 40 year career in the field of hospital infection control and epidemiology - and during which time she raised her three lively sons - she turned her attentions to writing this memoir. A first time author, Ms Dopirak aspires to continue writing about her life-experiences and her family history.

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